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Duke’s X-Stream Wash System maximizes efficiency by using a low wattage heating element, re-capturing heat generated from its pumps, and transferring it to the wash tank. The X-Stream also uses less water and chemical, due to its shallow wash tank depth.

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Duke’s Flexible Batch Broiler has saved enough energy to spare over 39 Million trees since its inception. Our broiler features a reduction in electrical, gas and HVAC usage, ease of use, and the ability to fine-tune every product.

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Duke’s Energy Star rated Gas Convection Ovens have better performance with a 12.5% less energy requirement than the our nearest competitor, as reported in a study by Fisher-Nickel. Many utility companies offer Energy Star rebates of up to $1,000 for qualified ovens.

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The revolutionary Dri-Therm from Duke rethermalizes frozen bagged food products, without the use of water. Environmental savings are huge. Over 50 gallons of water are saved per foodservice outlet per day, amounting to over 18,250 gallons per year!

Green Manufacturing

Project Green Shield is a commitment to more sustainable manufacturing. Since implementation, we have reduced our contribution to US landfills by 1/3rd, recycle an average of 2.5 tons of paper, plastic and cardboard every month, and an average of 140 tons of non-ferrous metals every month.

Energy Champion Plant

Duke Manufacturing Co. is honored to have received the Energy Champion Plant award for achieving more than 250,000 million Btu total energy savings or more than 15% total energy savings and reporting progress on schedule. In 2009, ITP awarded 140 plants for making significant progress in implementing the energy savings opportunities identified. In total, the award recipients achieved more than $47 million in cost savings and 6.4 trillion Btu in total energy savings.

Energy Star Partnership

Our commitment to, and partnership in the voluntary program of ENERGY STAR, embraces Duke's initiative of creating a difference in the business community through our commitment to energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.