Project Green Shield

Duke has always been a progressive manufacturer and over the years has adopted many processes intended to support sustainable manufacturing. However, it wasn't until late 2008 that Duke formalized our commitment to the environment and rolled out the Duke Project Green Shield initiative. The program is built on the widely accepted pillars of sustainable business practices; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Donate. In addition, Duke developed 4 simple objectives for our factories and offices to follow.

S – Setting quality and environmental objectives and targets.
T – Treating employees and customers with integrity, respect and dignity.
A – Achieving continual improvement and focusing on customer satisfaction.
R – Reducing or eliminating waste and pollution while obeying legal requirements and applicable standards.

As a result of our efforts we have realized the following results:

1. We have reduced our contribution to US landfills by 1/3rd
2. We are recycling an average of 2.5 tons of paper, plastic and cardboard every month
3. We are recycling an average of 140 tons of non-ferrous metals every month

We are proud of our achievements and will continue to search out more areas were we can contribute to the health of our planet.

Save Energy Now

Duke Manufacturing, Co. completed a Save Energy Now energy assessment with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) in 2008. Save Energy Now is a national initiative to drive a 25% reduction in industrial energy intensity in 10 years. Duke has already reduced by 18% in the last 5 years. By taking a Pledge, Duke Manufacturing Co. is committed to report our achievements, change in energy intensity, and energy use data annually to DOE. Companies nationwide can partner with DOE, participate in no-cost energy assessments, and use ITP's proven resources to reduce energy use and improve efficiency, while increasing profits.

Duke Manufacturing, Co. worked with a [DOE Energy Expert or university-based team] to assess key industrial process systems and identify cost-saving opportunities. By implementing the recommended actions, Duke Manufacturing, Co. is reducing our nation’s energy use and shrinking our carbon footprint in the near term.

Save Energy Now Facts & Figures (as of Sept 2009)

Number of assessments completed: nearly 2,400

Annual implemented savings:

Energy costs: $218 million
Natural gas: 16 trillion Btu
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction: 2.3 million metric tons

Note: These numbers are updated monthly on the Save Energy Now results Web page at

Save Energy Now Web site:
Save Energy Now recognition Web page:

Save Energy Now Leader

Energy is a critical resource for our company and to our country. Duke Manufacturing Co. has set an ambitious goal to increase our energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Over the next 5 years, we will reduce our energy intensity by 7%. We have partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy and are now recognized as a Save Energy Now LEADER.

Energy Champion Plant

Duke Manufacturing Co. is honored to have received the Energy Champion Plant award for achieving more than 250,000 million Btu total energy savings or more than 15% total energy savings and reporting progress on schedule.

In 2009, ITP awarded 140 plants for making significant progress in implementing the energy savings opportunities identified through a Save Energy Now energy assessment. In total, the award recipients achieved more than $47 million in cost savings and 6.4 trillion Btu in total energy savings